To create economical bridgesbetween Kosovar and Foreign companies!


Profit provides business intellectual services’, searching the potential distribution and direct sales partner in the target countries with its management & consulting experience, represents companies in foreign markets and foreign companies in Kosova by their Request and Demands.
Our Organization provides partnerships with various businesses and acting as their local agent in abroad by protecting their Company Interests, also provides business development expertise in establishing between foreign and Kosovar companies.
We assist our clients in transforming an idea into a success we combine our dedication, professional transcendence and extensive commercial experience with a wide network of contacts in Kosova and abroad. Consequently we serve to our customers on those issues: Focusing on developing the most reliable and efficient platforms for Kosovar companies to enter the target markets in and a abroad.
By doing direct visits, using the International meeting points or Organization platforms of B2B or per-to-per meeting, Individual pre-requested meetings of specific sector’s or brunches, attending to the fairs and exhibits, doing market research and find best potential customers or vendors which fit for the our clients request, mine time giving them consultancy service for the Kosovar companies on foreign trade and training for import/export processes, finding reliable manufacturers or suppliers and importing the specific goods for the Kosova customers, avocet the clients interest and protecting their information’s and data’s which have been elaborated during our cooperation period.
All this efforts are to create better and affordable clamatorial economical surrounding for Kosovar and for Foreigner companies which are interested to do business in Republic of Kosova.
Our Moto is, to create economical bridges between Kosovar and Foreign companies, for what we feel privileged being the part of serving community, doing business easer and profitable, therefore we are named for as PROFIT

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