To create economical bridgesbetween Kosovar and Foreign companies!


Profit is non-governmental and non-profitable Organization, which is serving business economic sector by offering the intellectual business oriented service, since February 2000. This platform it’s been established in territory of Kosova as Idea of 72 national Entrepreneurs and International business supportive bodies as a respond for exigency - to create the Organization structure, which will engage and serve businesses in Kosova. The all purpose of it, it was by making easer business and finding the appropriate entrepreneur and market needs on efficiently organist way, which on the time it wasn’t any.

On March 2006 has been restructured and reformatted as 100% National owned capital investment of his establishers, which are from Kosova business communities.
From the day of establishment we did offered our services for more than 4,700 clients and initiated 18, 000 individual and group meetings, with what, we do up rise mostly with it.

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Te gjitha te drejtat jane te rezervuara nga PROFIT-KS